LMU School of Ed Technology

Here’s LMU’s philosophy on Technology in Education, using Tagul

Here’s another view using Wordle (click the image to see the full size).
Wordle: LMU SOE

Difference: Tagul add tags to each word, plus the word enlarges as you pass your mouse over it. You may also choose different shapes for your tag cloud. Wordle is easy, you play with the layout and colors. You can save it as an image and use it how you like (you need to take a screen shot to save it).

Text from: Loyola Marymount University School of Education Conceptual Framework March 30, 2009

LA Times, The Future of Reading

The Los Angeles Times has a series today on the future of reading. This may be of great interest to my middle school students! There is an article here, a slideshow timeline of the history of reading devices, a podcast series on the future of reading, and a companion video is below.

Interesting…and what does this mean for our schools? Nothing until we have money? Or are there ways we can make reading more engaging for free using these sites? Scribd.com was one of the websites mentioned in the LA Times article, and it’s a treasure trove of information and reading materials, some creative, some nonfiction. For 7th grade, one of the biggest items tested is the ability of students to navigate informational documents, and Scribd has how-to manuals, government documents…tons of stuff that will save me time! I was also exploring Shelfari today via the ECNing. Shelfari a social networking books site, similar to Goodreads mentioned by the LA Times. Wow, good thing it’s summer and I have time to absorb…

Getting Serious about Twitter


I’ve asked you to branch out and try new things, now it’s my turn. I subscribed to Twitter last year, and have checked it for things like the earthquake in Mexico. Now I feel I need to really jump in and use it for my professional development. I didn’t want to just use it for a random reason, so after reading Sue Water’s post, taking into account my teaching assignment for next year (not only Technology Exploratory, but 8th grade Language Arts-new for me), then noticing that my Kindle had the ability to share to Twitter, I decided. I had been highlighting examples of good writing: examples of comma use, good introductions, great sentences, examples of characterization. However, I need all these things in one place to easily access them. In addition, I’d love to read others’ good examples. Soooo, the purpose of my Twitter account (tilgunas) is to gather great sentences and snippets from books I am reading. I’ll be adding like crazy during the summer, then as school starts it’ll probably level off a bit. Maybe I can get the kids to help!!


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our class, Jackie and Maureen! Your Prezi presentations documenting your Year Long Plans for technology were well thought out and fun to watch. You are the first class to venture beyond PowerPoint! I also look forward to following your blogs throughout the new school year. And, since I make sure every class has seen Taylor Mali and his awesome bit What Teachers Make, here it is for your pleasure. I watch it whenever I need that extra boost when I get discouraged, or just reeaallyy tired.

Link to the free photo site that Maureen found: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’m going to add that to my list of copyright-ok sites. Good luck to both of you!