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Lately, however, I find myself in the unfamiliar and uncomfortable position of feeling as though I am a stranger in a strange land, and it is all because of this tidal wave of new technologies associated with Web 2.0…We have to work harder to learn them, and that requires intentional effort. –Don Hall in Learning & Leading with Technology, 2/09

Photo websites shown today that you’ll want to explore: FlickrStorm and FlickrCC

Web 2.0 tools to choose from (start here, but you’re not limited to these):


Sign Generator–Add your own text to a sign. Save the image generated to your computer, and upload it as an image on your blog.

Create a Graph -Save the graph as a jpg or upload it as an image on your blog.

Bubbl.us -Mind mapping software, word webs

Spell City – Create a place where kids can practice for their spelling test. On their site click on “Link to us” to embed the link on your blog.

PollDaddy -For creating a poll/survey to embed on your blog.

Voki-Create a character or avatar, either record your voice or type a short script for your character to say.

Get a Voki now!!
Sample Vokis from Spanish students


These take a little more time…

Animoto -Using photos, create a movie (easier than it sounds!)

Voicethread -Hard to explain…but an amazing tool. Here’s an example, you’ll love it!

Flickr’s Big Huge Labs -Tons of choices here for transforming photos…pick one or two to try.

ClassTools -Create games that you can embed on your website…easy!

Delicious -Social bookmarking + keep your bookmarks all in one place!

Google Docs Slideshow or SlideShare – Create your own slideshow and embed it in your blog
You can create it in PowerPoint and upload it to one of these websites above if you prefer.

More tools? Look here: http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/

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