Getting Serious about Twitter


I’ve asked you to branch out and try new things, now it’s my turn. I subscribed to Twitter last year, and have checked it for things like the earthquake in Mexico. Now I feel I need to really jump in and use it for my professional development. I didn’t want to just use it for a random reason, so after reading Sue Water’s post, taking into account my teaching assignment for next year (not only Technology Exploratory, but 8th grade Language Arts-new for me), then noticing that my Kindle had the ability to share to Twitter, I decided. I had been highlighting examples of good writing: examples of comma use, good introductions, great sentences, examples of characterization. However, I need all these things in one place to easily access them. In addition, I’d love to read others’ good examples. Soooo, the purpose of my Twitter account (tilgunas) is to gather great sentences and snippets from books I am reading. I’ll be adding like crazy during the summer, then as school starts it’ll probably level off a bit. Maybe I can get the kids to help!!

4 thoughts on “Getting Serious about Twitter

  1. Glad my post inspired you to consider alternative ways you could use twitter. I probably need my own daily digest of them to improve my grammar 🙂

    And off course I’m jealous with your Kindle that you can connect it to the Internet 🙁

  2. I’m so excited to have found your blog-I have also recently started using Twitter to build my PLN! I am going into my second year of teaching and my final year of grad school
    I wrote about Tweeting Teachers here

    and will write about my experience using Twitter with my students this semester on my blog at

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