Links we used 6/13

*For a list of what needs to be done by June 13th, click here (or the To Do tab at the top of the page).

*For easily downloading YouTube videos to your computer: KeepVid

*For converting and downloading videos : Zamzar

Zamzar will download more files than just addition it’ll convert files for you from one format to another (any type of image file, video file, music file, even documents–ex. doc to docx.) The website will convert the video to whatever type of file you want, then email you the link for you to download it to your computer…must be downloaded within 24 hours.


If you wanted to use as one of your Web 2.0 tools, here are 2 links with directions: WiiLearn and a visual at

The embedding of looks a little different than it did in September when I embedded it for my kids. Paste in the code and it will put a link…when you click the link the game will open.

And once more, here are links you might want to complete the Web 2.0 assignment: