Before February 28th

Hi everyone in ED 843, I hope you are all doing well!

We meet again soon! By next Saturday, this is what you need to finish:

  1. Implement your technology plan in your classroom.
  2. Keep or copy 3 of the samples. This can be shared via hard copy, or you can email the digital copies to yourself and we’ll put them up on the projector. For the projector, just make sure that the digital copy is on software we use in the lab…we have any Office app, (Word, Excel, etc); Inspiration, anything on the Internet… and that’s about it!
  3. We’ll share the samples and the students’ evaluations of the project (and your evaluation too!).
  4. Phil and Terra will be presenting their lessons to us (we’ll be their students) since they are out of the classroom at this point. Phil and Terra, leave a comment or email me if you need more info. I’m allotting you about 5 min. for a quick explanation/background info for the lesson, then about 15-20 min of us trying your activity. Have an evaluation ready for us to complete (see the UOP 1 assignment page).
  5. Don’t forget to add your slide to our shared slideshow before we meet again (pick one of the blogs you’ve been reading on your RSS Aggregator. See the “To Do” page if you need directions, more info.
  6. Leave a comment on the blog (question at the end)

To bring: Planning materials (manuals, pacing plans, whatever will help you out), Samples and evaluations from the students


Finally, please leave a comment…here’s your question. I know budgets are lousy right now, but let’s put that aside and imagine. If you could use technology in an ideal situation for your kids what would that be? Forget about pacing plans, getting through manuals, and testing. How could technology be put to use in your classroom where you believe kids would achieve deeper learning? I want you to both be practical (using your knowledge of how to teach) and also your imagination…if you could set up your classroom and/or school utilizing technology, what would it look like? See you Saturday.