Links we used 6/13

*For a list of what needs to be done by June 13th, click here (or the To Do tab at the top of the page).

*For easily downloading YouTube videos to your computer: KeepVid

*For converting and downloading videos : Zamzar

Zamzar will download more files than just addition it’ll convert files for you from one format to another (any type of image file, video file, music file, even documents–ex. doc to docx.) The website will convert the video to whatever type of file you want, then email you the link for you to download it to your computer…must be downloaded within 24 hours.


If you wanted to use as one of your Web 2.0 tools, here are 2 links with directions: WiiLearn and a visual at

The embedding of looks a little different than it did in September when I embedded it for my kids. Paste in the code and it will put a link…when you click the link the game will open.

And once more, here are links you might want to complete the Web 2.0 assignment:

Things you might need on Saturday


Never has there been a time of greater promise or peril. The challenge of achieving that promise and in doing so saving our fragile planet will rest in the Net Generation. Our

responsibility to them is to give them the tools and opportunity to fulfill their destiny.

–Don Tapscott, Grown Up Digital

Creating your Blog

1) To create your blog, click above on the “Resources for Creating a Blog” tab. Links to Creative Commons image search engines: FlickrStorm and FlickrCC

If you need more resources for images that are ok to use with attribution, look at the list here.

Good etiquette to follow in your blog:

  • If you mention a website, link to it.
  • If you mention an online persona, link to that person’s website.
  • Don’t forget to add tags and give your post a category (aren’t these great skills for students?)
  • If you use an image, include an attribution and link to it. This means link to the specific webpage the image resides on. Example, for the photo above, I have included all this in order to give proper attribution:
Image: ‘The Open Road
  • Don’t use student photos (or any other photos) without permission.

2) There are more resources if you scroll down to #6 on the links (rt. side of this page).

Planning your Second Project

If you are planning your own project, here are links to some of the resources I mentioned (I also added a

few more than are on the handout):

Classroom 2.0

The English Companion Ning

ISTE Young Educator’s Network

eTools & Tips for Educators

Digital Youth Network

PLN Wiki

Tapiohka (new social network set up for teachers & students)

  • Other ideas: Set up, plan for using 3 types of technology with your students next year. Use your blog as a place to test ideas.
  • Put together a class webpage, either via your blog, or another website. Here are some links to possible websites you could use: Larry Ferlazzo’s “The Best Ways for Students or Teachers to Create a Website”
  • Are there technologies that your school or district want you to learn? This would be the perfect time to put them into practice.
  • On your blog, upload PowerPoints to Google Docs or SlideShare that students can use to study from next year, or create Voicethreads that students can comment on next year. Create a form in Google Docs that you can use to survey your students at the beginning of the year to give yourself a better idea of the composure of your classes.
  • Look on YouTube or TeacherTube for videos you can use to supplement your curriculum. Embed them on your blog.
  • Set up bookmarks at Diigo or Delicious for your classroom.

Web 2.0

Image: ‘The Open Road

Web 2.0

Today (Thursday) we’ll be watching a couple of videos. First, the one that Maria (I think it was you!) had seen before and really liked… A Vision of K12 Students Today.


Second, as an introduction to Web 2.0, we’ll watch this video by Dr. Wesch from Kansas State University, “The Machine is Us/ing Us”


RSS Readers… We’ll be setting you up with an RSS Reader during this class. Here’s an explanation:

Use the links in the sidebar under the heading “RSS Readers” and “Start Pages” to decide which reader you want to register for…then go register and start setting it up. If you decided on Google Reader or Pageflakes, go to our RSS Feeds Page for a tutorial.

Here’s a good link for basics on how to subscribe to blogs and places to look for good educational blogs: PLN Yourself! There are more links to educational blogs under #5 on the sidebar…take a look around. Your may make some choices tonight, then as you start reading the blogs, they lead you to others, so your original 5 will very likely change.


Prof. Wesch also created the video that the first one was based on…this one was designed with college students in mind…also very powerful.

Web 2.0 ideas

Lately, however, I find myself in the unfamiliar and uncomfortable position of feeling as though I am a stranger in a strange land, and it is all because of this tidal wave of new technologies associated with Web 2.0…We have to work harder to learn them, and that requires intentional effort. –Don Hall in Learning & Leading with Technology, 2/09

Photo websites shown today that you’ll want to explore: FlickrStorm and FlickrCC

Web 2.0 tools to choose from (start here, but you’re not limited to these):


Sign Generator–Add your own text to a sign. Save the image generated to your computer, and upload it as an image on your blog.

Create a Graph -Save the graph as a jpg or upload it as an image on your blog. -Mind mapping software, word webs

Spell City – Create a place where kids can practice for their spelling test. On their site click on “Link to us” to embed the link on your blog.

PollDaddy -For creating a poll/survey to embed on your blog.

Voki-Create a character or avatar, either record your voice or type a short script for your character to say.

Get a Voki now!!
Sample Vokis from Spanish students


These take a little more time…

Animoto -Using photos, create a movie (easier than it sounds!)

Voicethread -Hard to explain…but an amazing tool. Here’s an example, you’ll love it!

Flickr’s Big Huge Labs -Tons of choices here for transforming photos…pick one or two to try.

ClassTools -Create games that you can embed on your website…easy!

Delicious -Social bookmarking + keep your bookmarks all in one place!

Google Docs Slideshow or SlideShare – Create your own slideshow and embed it in your blog
You can create it in PowerPoint and upload it to one of these websites above if you prefer.

More tools? Look here: